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Your Creative Peace: Find and Deepen Your Creative Voice While Communing with God

Image of Your Creative Peace:  Find and Deepen Your Creative Voice While Communing with God


Prepare to live life more fully through your creativity and your faith in God. This program guides you to follow your inner urgings to be a creative person while at the same time integrating your creative outlet with your Christian life.

THROUGHOUT the program, you will:
-explore God's creativity
-explore the beauty and VALUE of creativity
-explore creativity as an act of worship
-PINPOINT your creative journey

Unit 1: How to Move More Deeply into your Creative Voice

This unit is set up in 5 sections where you will explore a new creative venue or pick up a Creative activity that has long lain dormant. The exercises will accommodate whatever outlet you wish to explore - simply come with the willingness to lean into creating your own creative peace.

Through stories, challenging questions and creative exercises, you will begin to learn how to listen to your creative muse, the Holy Spirit. Each week offers three SETS OF exercises to challenge you both creatively and spiritually.

The material is available in a format where you can go at your own pace. I also included a section of 10 ADDITIONAL formatted exercises that you can use to extend this time of finding your creative voice or you can use to start your own creativity group.

Here are the sections:
Section 1: God and Creator
Section 2: God as Sustainer
Section 3: God and joy giver
Section 4: God as one who sees
Section 5: God as faithful

Unit 2: A Journey through the Psalms with Your Creative Expression

This is a 4 week invitation to take your enlivened creative spirit and use it as a devotional time with the book of Psalms. Similar in structure as unit 1, this section begins to deepen the process of allowing the Bible to steep in your creative process. These exercises will accommodate whatever outlet you wish to explore - simply come with the willingness to lean into creating your OWN CREATIVE PEACE.

This unit journeys through the Psalms and is broken down into four sections:

Section 1: Why the Psalms
Section 2: Breathe
Section 3: Waiting
Section 4: Movement in Body and Language

Unit 3: A Look at the Collaboration Process

This unit explores how Creative Christians can work together in the collaboration process

The unit chronicles my journey with collaboration and challenges you to ask yourself difficult questions about the reasons you should and should not collaborate and the timing and structure of good and bad collaborations.

Section 1: Are you Open?
Section 2: Do You Need to Declutter
Section 3: Are you Comfortable with Imperfection
Section 4: Is There Beauty at the Finish Line?

This unit is similar in structure to the first two units

Unit 4: Conversation with (More) Creative Christians

In 2010, I started to search for other Christians who were integrating their love for
the Lord with their creative mediums. I met Jennifer of Studio JRU through an
online e-course and approached her with the vision and she was incredibly
supportive. So much so that she allowed me to offer a giveaway on her blog. This generous act opened me up to other Christian creatives who longed for this same type of

This unit offer interviews with women who have increased my
courage to move forward in search of others who love God and express it fully in
a creative fashion. These interviews will encourage you whether you are a would-be creative or full fledged creative who loves the Lord through her creative practices. I believe this will cause you to fall in love with God more and encourage you to never let go of your creative peace

I downloaded this book onto my kindle and have read it through twice already. The author has written an inspiring and motivational book here. I consider it a must for any creative person looking for intermingling their faith with their creative life. I have read other works from Ms Norgren and each time I find myself after the book is completed, wanting more from her. She is sincere in her writing, definite about her faith in God, and motivational for the creative soul. Hurry and purchase this book for yourself and for others. What a joy to see such refreshing writing out there these days.- Donna Wynn

Trade Paperback
412 pages
Full color cover
black and white interior on cream paper

Ships via USPS in 7-1- business days