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Reviews and Testimonials

Robin instantly put me at ease. She's relaxed, spunky and fun, but also dedicated to productivity. Her questions quickly surfaced underlying obstacles and passions. I left our conversation feeling energized, motivated and purposeful." – Tanya Dennis, writer
Kim White I know you create art, but dear friend, I really think what you create is magic. God has blessed you with such abundant talent. Thanks for sharing here, it ministered to me so much this morning.

 "My friend and life coach Robin Norgren is officially open for business. She can skype across country and the 1st session is FREE. What is life coaching is all about? I prefer to think of it as "strategic cheerleading!" - Joyce Martin

Dear Robin,                                                                     
         I believe my meeting with you as a life coach was orchestrated by God. Like knowing that my daughter researched on the internet and thought you would be the best to help me. When I found out that you were still in Colorado, but planning to move to Arizona at the time she contacted you strengthens that belief.
        So I thank you for all your help and insights.
Looking back now, I didn’t realize how filled with panic and low self-esteem I was at the time. I really thought that you would have a magic formula to fix my life. Then I found out the formula included me doing some work, and putting some thought into that work.
        I was unbalanced in my life. My only focus was getting a job. I have garnered more balance now with relationships, fun, spirituality, career, life purpose and physical environment all together.
        I learned that the answers are within me if I take the time to find them. I also learned that there are choices that I have at my deposal.  I went through some live changes in a short amount of time. You helped me see that I had the wisdom and strength to get through. If I didn’t have answers ask the question and get the answer. I learned that it is not good for me to make assumptions as I can take my thoughts to another level of panic.
        I really appreciate all the positive things that you brought out in my personality. It does help me to have a positive list of personality traits and to decide which ones I thought fit my personality.  I appreciated having an objective observer that has such a positive way of looking at things. It helped me to decide that panic and uncertainty comes from Satan.
        I really like the compliment that you paid me when you said I had a great laugh. I have never thought one way or the other about my laugh, but always admired people that could just let go and laugh.
It is hard to put into words all that you have brought to my life. Thank you for helping me to get a new perspective on things.
                                                Thank you so much
                                                Sandra Lyon

I recently had a few life coaching sessions with Robin. At first I didn't think life coaching was something for me but after the first session..I knew it was exactly what I needed. Robin assisted me in getting my mind organized. She helped me figure out how to prioritize the things that weighed on my mind. Together we figured out what was most important and what needed the attention first. In doing this I was able to actually complete the tasks I set out to do. If I had to use one word to describe what I got from my sessions is "clarity".

If you are looking for a life coach I encourage you to talk with Robin. She really made an impact on my life and I am sure to call her again in the future.

Jeanne Schweizer

Dear Robin,
I wanted to thank you for the life coaching and let you know how helpful the sessions were to me both then and now.
When we initially started the sessions, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would have a lot to gain from them since I consider myself introspective already. I was surprised. Your exercises and conversation helped bring out goals and desires that were underneath what I could see on the surface.
I really loved how the vision board helped me to see my values in a way I never could in the past. I remember our first session and being pleasantly surprised to see the results of my priorities rankings and how they were lining up with my life. It’s funny how I didn’t realize or I guess, give myself credit for the things I was doing that were on track with my goals.
Since our sessions, so much has happened. I have moved back to PA to be closer to family and have made life choices that are in line with my values. I feel a sense of freedom and satisfaction that I haven’t felt in a long time. I think I just got caught up in living the routine for so many years.
Even now, looking back on the vision board, I can see how having that clear picture of what I really wanted out of life, has really helped me to get to where I am right now.
Thank you so much for your help and coaching. I will always be grateful for you and would definitely seek your guidance when needing clarity on decisions and direction in the future.

Monica Makeyenko
"Robin instantly put me at ease. She's relaxed, spunky and fun, but also dedicated to productivity. Her questions quickly surfaced underlying obstacles and passions. I left our conversation feeling energized, motivated and purposeful." Tanya, Freelance Writer, Merriam, Indiana

robin norgren.....i have been following this girl for quite awhile
and what i have found to be most adorable and heart warming
is her ability to share her world with others. i recently was lucky
enough to work with robin for a session she offers as a coach.
it was amazing how quickly she was able to get to the core of
me. where was robin when i was a little girl! robin has an infectious
giggle and a kind manner that as a coach, i feel is so important.
thank you robin, for sharing your knowledge, kindness and
blessing with each of us. Kelly, Artist, Indianapolis, IN

"I've known Robin for a couple years now. This year Robin worked with me as my life coach. I must say that she was more than professional, very compassionate to my needs and is always following up on our sessions. I highly recommend Robin for any of your guidance needs. She's wonderful!"
Service Category: Career Coach
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative Stephanie, Artist, Cotopaxi, CO

"The session was a great way to breakdown the components of my life and focus on an aspect of my life that I felt needed the most improvement. Robin asked questions that I would never have thought to ask myself and gave insightful feedback. A great way to steer myself in the right direction!" Joyce, Artist and Homemaker, Lugoff, South Carolina